Groove the Vibe

Groove the Vibe, llc

Groove the Vibe, LLC, is an emerging social networking firm for various industries relating to artistic expression and entertainment.

• Performed a requirement analysis, and designed and structured the technical foundation for the enterprise. This involved a brief planning cycle utilizing programmatic visualization (using UML diagrams) to showcase recommended data flow, software architecture implementation and development cycles.

• Designed the company brand, site-wide icons for their services, and established site-wide color themes.

• Implemented the WordPress publishing software and designed a custom theme for their development blog and and related industry news mediation (

• Created a splash page for their initial public showcase, and created an invitation system to build their initial user base and provide simple contact.

• Translated their business model and goals into a 3-year development plan, and began development with a small team (3 people) utilizing the Ruby on Rails framework and the BaseCamp/Backpack management tool by 37 signals. The development plan consisted of a flash front-end for many components of their application so that a FlashLite version could be spun-off with relative ease and allow for an expedited release. Initiated the development on the social networking RIA using the Ruby on Rails framework and Git. setup the initial marketing tools for the company to go live (blog, invitation system, social networking identities, et cetera).

logo, Web Design, Corporate Identity